Thursday, March 17, 2016


Life, it can present you with many unexpected and arduous journey even to a people with a higher spiritual awakening, forget about happening it to a common people. It happened to him.
He had a spiritual inclination since his childhood days. He would listen every day to his father’s prayer lines that were said before dawn and when light is eventually consumed by darkness. He was determined to become a monk, he saw life has been wasted without following the spiritual path in one's precious human life.

The harsh life in a remote corner of the country was also one of the factors that gave space to his determination in becoming a monk. Finally, his dream was fulfilled after he was admitted to one of the monastic schools in India, reputed for producing highly learned scholars in Buddhism. Days have passed with utmost feeling of achievement for being able to join monkhood until at some point when his body no longer could bear the pain of odds. He was sick and he could not study like his colleagues. He knew that every success cannot be assured of its continuity
He returned to Bhutan and took a refuge in one of the highly learned and respected Lama. With blessings of his lama, he practiced everything that is required in one’s life as a Buddhist follower.
Everything has changed in short span of time. To be seen by others as a blow in his life, he got married. He was abandoned by his family that was closed to him after his marriage. Nevertheless, he stood firm with his conviction, practicing and following his Lama's instruction every day.
I appreciate his way of marriage life akin to great Buddhist Yoga practitioner.
I never asked him but I knew from him that married life isn’t the end of what you wanted to achieve as a Buddhist in your life. Long Live and may you achieve enlightenment through your odds.

(The opinion is of self and at no time represents anybody’s assessment including my employer. If anyone is offended or disrespected by the article I would like to kindly beg for forgiveness to my innocence. I shall ever remain grateful)

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